Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yet another 3 player playtest

It seems like we can only ever find three of us at a time to play the game. Anyway, we tried out a new rule whereby the cost to build structures is your Unrest + the building's level, instead of the product of the two. The goal was to prevent easy building of everything in your hand, but also to make high levels of unrest less crippling. It more or less worked, but a couple of events made the overall vector of the game a bit screwy. I'll post the session report in the game's DropBox folder.

We played 3 epochs (we chose to forego the fourth since the eventual winner was obvious and it was getting late), with each epoch taking about an hour. This seemed acceptable but one of the players brought up the issue of downtime. I've begun to think about how to address that. I have come up with a fairly substantial change that would rework the turn structure. I'm running it through solo tests now and it seems interesting so far.

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